Konst på kakel: Vi skapar unik design för fotokakel och konstkakel du kan bli ensam om! Även på granitkeramik för utomhusmiljöer.


The product is tested in accordance with:
DIN EN ISO 10545-13 and DIN EN ISO 10545-14.


The product and production technology are 100% our own.

The manufacturing process is patented by the Swedish
Patent and Registration Office, patent no. SE 1150745-6.

Medlemmar i KAF

Everstyle AB is a member of:
KAF, Kakelföreningen/BKR, Byggkeramikrådet:



A new design tool for customised design!

Everstyle Art® & Image Tiles are produced in an industrial multi-phase process. The product is tested and approved in accordance with DIN EN ISO 10545-13 and DIN EN ISO 10545-14.

The production process has been patented by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office.

Ceramic Photo- & Art Tiles

Design concept and public places
Ceramic art or photo tiles can be produced in all the normal tile sizes found on the market. From smaller mosaic tiles up to large tiles measuring 120 x 60 cm and even special tiles measuring up to 1.5 x 3 m! The surface of the tiles can be smooth or textured. Choose a matte or glossy finish.

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Glass tiles, glass installations and
LED-embedded glass

Everstyle® glass tiles and LED-embedded glass for walls and floors can be supplied in any size of tile and glass, and in various types of glass. Installing glass with or without LED lighting enhances the design and atmosphere, and creates safe, lit environments, especially in public area – indoors or outdoors.

Glass tiles can be ordered in a variety of formats. The glass may be 6-12 mm thick and the images gain a three-dimensional look, producing amazing depth and an extra dimension! Glass tiles can be fitted in the same way as ceramic tiles.

Product Sheet

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We can reproduce pictures on most materials, in addition to tiles and glass. For example, sheet metal, wall and ceiling panels, sound absorbers and textiles.

Members of KAF

Everstyle AB is a member of KAF, the Swedish Tile Association, which is also linked to BKR, the construction ceramics trade organization.
Everstyle endorses and works together with the following authorised tile companies:

Warranty and insurance

Our products are covered by Swedish consumer legislation and by Everstyle’s delivery terms and conditions.

Everstyle® glass tiles must be installed in accordance with rules established by the Swedish construction ceramics trade organization (BKR) concerning wet rooms. The person installing the tiles must hold qualifications to perform the work in accordance with BBV, for the warranty to apply.

Everstyle AB has an insurance policy from IF that has been formulated in consultation with the Swedish construction ceramics trade organization (BKR). The insurance covers the following: ABM, AA VVS, ALEM and ABM Fabriksbetong.