Konst på kakel: Vi skapar unik design för fotokakel och konstkakel du kan bli ensam om! Även på granitkeramik för utomhusmiljöer.

Innovation and creativity – our driving forces!

In the early 2000s, our founder, Bibbi Evermark, saw a fish printed on cardboard. She began thinking that it must be possible to reproduce art, photographs and designs on materials that were not previously being printed on.

It was the start of a long journey of development, in which different core skills were applied to achieving the same goal: to create a spectacular, creative and different construction and decoration material for use on a broad market.

From the start the aim was to develop a high-quality, graphical product that is sustainable and meets the strict requirements and industry regulations of the construction industry. The product should be suitable for wet rooms and withstand temperature changes in the outdoor environment over time. After many years of testing and research, the company received a patent in the spring 2013 for the manufacturing process that makes it possible to produce high quality images on tiles.

Everstyle’s production process is quality assured throughout. The production system is dynamic and can be adapted to suit the size of any order. Everstyle is a creative, versatile partner at the early stage of a project as well as being a reliable producer who delivers on time!

Our team’s diverse and broad expertise forms a strong base for our daily work, and also ensures continued innovation. One thing leads to another. New ideas are born and then the planning and testing process starts all over again!