Konst på kakel: Vi skapar unik design för fotokakel och konstkakel du kan bli ensam om! Även på granitkeramik för utomhusmiljöer.

Design concepts and products for public environments

Everstyle® Art & Image Tiles are a new Swedish product for construction and design. With this unique product you can customize decorative concepts and installations, indoors or outdoors.

Our tiles are used as building materials, but they are also a material for artistic decoration in a wide variety of environments. They are a crossover product that enables you to create a stylish, eye-catching, trendy, sophisticated element anywhere, indoors and outdoors (on granite ceramics and glass).

Art, photographs and design reproduced on tiles and glass – using your own picture or one of ours!

Everstyle® Art & Image Tiles can be manufactured in different sizes, ranging from the smallest to the largest common formats on the market, with a matte or glossy surface, and smooth or structured surface.

With the right image and format, you can create a fantastic impression in almost any environment! Our products suit both private spaces and public projects: hospitals, subways, malls / stores, travel centres, hotels and restaurants, schools, swimming pools and spas, etc.

Skapa din egen unika bild på kakel eller klinker

(Translation coming soon)
1) Välj egen bild eller bild från oss

2) Vi skapar skräddarsydda bilder/konstverk enligt era specifika önskemål, eller med fria händer

3) Vi samarbetar också med olilka fotografer, designers och konstnärer


We are a flexible partner and can help you at the earliest stages of your project, giving advice regarding overall interior design and decorating concepts. We produce high quality design for a complete project: from concept and design to production and assembly on site, under our responsibility and/or in cooperation with your architect/builder.



Uppsättning av kakel

Montering av konstkakel i nya operationshuset, Karlstad.